Our Clinical Services

We understand that no Two (2) patients are exactly alike. Hence, we individualize our treatment according to patients’ diagnosis.
We offer physical therapy in Neurology, paediatrics, geriatrics, obstetrics &
gynaecology, and orthopaedics.

Furthermore, we offer home or outdoor services wherever, whenever, within and outside Lagos state. We extend our services to offices/workplaces on request. Our expert physiotherapist provides you with the much-needed treatment and advice.

In addition, we have physical rehabilitation centre. (Patients will be on
admission, our centre is home-away-from-home.)
The latest of our services now is one-on-one fitness exercises session. Our
therapist and instructors work in harmony to deliver treatments required for your individual needs in our facility.

To know the present challenge that you are experiencing:

  • We will do extensive review and evaluation. (i.e. Systemic examination)
  • Detailed explanation of what is wrong with you.
  • If need be, you will be referred to another specialist if your condition is out of our “space”.
  • Prescribed ward or home programs for you to speed up your recovery.
  • Also, Physio-Fit will help you relief your pain and keep you going by improving your gait within a short period of time.