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Let me with a cone from staff, the treatment is very good. When I first came in, I chartered Keke-maruwa but after few days of rigorous treatment. I am so good that I can enter Public bus or Okada now.

I can do so many things on my own initially, without any assistance. The treatment is okay.

Mr. Oladele Ojo



Physio-Fit Physiotherapy treatment is okay. I had an issue with my two hands. I recovered o one fast, but the other is a little but prolonged. Before the treatment, I could not use any of the hand to do anything at all without assistance, but now, I can use the left hand to eat without assistance, and I can also use the right hand to sign cheques and other documents. Physio-Fit Physiotherapy staff is also okay.

Madam Ayodele Mojisola



I was never disappointed when I came into the clinic, I found it difficult to sit or stand. Ater few days of treatment, I was surprised I could carry out so many activities without supportive assistance. In-fact, I am excited, in-fact I am telling you, the treatment was fantastic and the services rendered are okay as well.

Mr. Mathew Adeniji



When I first had the attack in 2004, I was rushed to one big hospital in Nigeria – I don’t want to mention. I paid N650000 but there was no improvement. I was carried to another hospital again where I paid N150000, but there was still no improvement. Then somebody adviced to come to Physio-Fit in January 2015. After 3 weeks treatment, there was tremendious improvement. Right now, I can eat with my own hands, sign document, stand and walk on my own – without assistance. I only make use of walking stick. I thank God Almighty.

Mr. Siyanbola Folorunsho