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Today, Let’s Learn More About Basic Information You Need To Know

Last week, we said that there are a lot of misconceptions that, once someone has had a stroke, that their life will never be the same again, but there are still a lot of day to day activities that they can still carry on in other to improve their state of health. These are;

  • To give their home a safety up grade.
  • Proper medication.
  • Monitor their health.
  • Balance rest and activity.

Your trusted and government approved Physiotherapy centre, *PHYSIOFIT  PHYSIOTHERAPY HOSPITAL,* a member of the World Stroke Organization (WSO), is  intensifying the awareness campaign that stroke is preventable and treatable; and that lives can be better through Awareness, Access to medical facilities and Action by healthcare providers.

This week, we shall be furthering our discussion on *LIFE AFTER STROKE* (Part B)

Eat healthy: There might be need to make a few changes in stroke patients’ diet so as to avoid complications, improve appetite and to help control stroke risk factors.

Return to work and driving:

DRIVING: After a stroke, stroke survivors may be eager to return to work or start driving again. But, for their health and safety, they will need to wait a while, because there are several important factors to be considered before they get back to their old routine.

WORK: The stroke may have affected the stroke victim’s ability to work temporarily or permanently. It depends on the stroke survivors’ conditions and type of work he/she does. Hence, there is need to suggest a trial period at work, to test their job readiness. Try lighter duty assignment and shorter days at first. In addition to these, the stroke patient can engage the services of occupational therapist to help him/her RELEARN work skills or make other adjustment to assist him/her stay in the work force.

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